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Sunday, November 27, 2005

More inspiration.

We visited the gourd farm on Sat. While we were there we picked up a 'how-to' video that gave me new ideas.
So Sat. and Sun. I worked on 2 new gourd projects, and made progress on two others I'd already started. It helped that we finally got saw blades to replace the one I broke. And I learned how to cut with the dremel tool better.
The gourd dust was bothering my sinuses after a while. I'm going to do some inlaid glass chips and I never tried that before. First I have to carve a channel with the dremel, then I have to mix some epoxy and glue down the glass.
I'm also going to make a gourd art portfolio to carry around with me. It's really hard to describe gourd art to people that don't even know what a gourd is.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Gourd lamp work in progress. Leather dyes on wooden gourd with pyrography (wood burning). Posted by Picasa

Mermaid box. One side has a blond mermaid and the other has a redhead mermaid. Posted by Picasa

Mermaid box with red headed mermaid. Posted by Picasa

Mermaid box interior with tissue paper and gold leafing. Posted by Picasa

Mermaid box lid. Posted by Picasa

Bat Fairy on other side. Posted by Picasa

Fairy on gourd by Fayme Harper. Posted by Picasa

Skull gourd for pirate camp. Acrylic on gourd. By Fayme Harper. Posted by Picasa

Gourd doll pin. Posted by Picasa

Red haired gourd doll with crocheted star headdress by Fayme Harper. Posted by Picasa

Wild woman gourd doll made of gourd, wire, wool hair and beads. Posted by Picasa