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Sunday, November 27, 2005

More inspiration.

We visited the gourd farm on Sat. While we were there we picked up a 'how-to' video that gave me new ideas.
So Sat. and Sun. I worked on 2 new gourd projects, and made progress on two others I'd already started. It helped that we finally got saw blades to replace the one I broke. And I learned how to cut with the dremel tool better.
The gourd dust was bothering my sinuses after a while. I'm going to do some inlaid glass chips and I never tried that before. First I have to carve a channel with the dremel, then I have to mix some epoxy and glue down the glass.
I'm also going to make a gourd art portfolio to carry around with me. It's really hard to describe gourd art to people that don't even know what a gourd is.

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