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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Gourd Inventory

Since my boyfriend wants to go to the gourd farm on Friday, he asked me to inventory our gourd stash. After moving bag after bag of gourds, I was surprised I hadn't seen any spiders. Lots of dust but no spiders. I decided to move one more big gourd that had been on the bottom of the pile, and just had a feeling that that was the one. I spun it around by the stem, and there was the grandmother of all black widows on that sucker. I splatted it with my shoe along with an egg sack. Ick.

Anyway, if anyone wants to pre-order a witch or santa gourd give me a holler. I'm going to start putting them in my Etsy Shop soon for the holidays, and I may as well start on yours first. Savvy?

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