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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Horse and Purse Build Along Part 2

Today I worked on my horse gourd vase again. I touched up the ink dyes, then I used the heat activated glue to put on the metal leafing over the sun. Looks pretty snazzy. I cut some sisal to go around the brim. I need to sew on a Buffalo Head Nickle button. But then I realized that I need to paint the interior black first. I bought spray paint for that very purpose a week ago and I can't find it today. ARGH.

I also dyed the exterior of the gourd purse. I used butterscotch and berry ink dyes blended together with a white felt square. Then I dribbled rubbing alcohol on it. That came out pretty interesting so I went ahead and heat set it with the heat gun. The next thing I have to do on that is add a leather hinge.

I want to make a cowgirl gourd too. That was is still being working on by my subconscious mind. It's for the Zombie Nanner Gang theme 'Lonesome Cowgirl'. But I haven't had time to sketch it out yet so it will have to wait until later. So much to do, so little time.

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